The glamorous girls of Flirt4Free know how to satisfy your thirst for romance. For Valentine's Day, 2024, the world's sexiest camgirls asked for your hearts. And what did they offer in return? Some memorable moments that will keep you returning to dreamland, cherishing every loving memory for years to come. 

Flirt4Free exclusive camgirl Eva Sin wins first place in Valentine's Day live sex cams contest.
Eva Sin - Be My Valentine Winner

Topping the heap as she always does, our very own love goddess Eva Sin made hearts race during our 6-day Valentine's camming contest. The love for this seductive raven-haired beauty is practically absolute, as Eva showed us once again why she is the object of every Flirt fan's intimate desires. V-day is always a big day for her. This year she astounded the web by collecting 16,000+ hearts, more than four times her closest competitor! Is there any chance you've yet to get intimate in chat with Eva Sin? Add her to your favorites and give love a real chance! 

Flirt4Free Valentine's Day live cams contest runner-ups. 2nd place through 5th place models.
Most Hearts Collected - Eve Devilish, Bea Sweets, Olive Ray, Gabrielle XO

Next up, luscious Eve Devilish put on a clinic for the amorous. This gorgeous European girl enchanted with her juicy, kissable lips and her outrageous body, reigning in a sweet 2nd place finish. In 3rd place is the beautiful, freckled Bea Sweets. She's all charm and grace, but shower her in your Candy Hearts and she's a hellcat in private. Another high-caliber heartbreaker took 4th: our lovely southern belle, miss Olive Ray. Olive dominated the Valentine's airwaves, scoring two wins in the six day contest. Finally, Gabrielle XO did a little more X than usual in honor of the most romantic time of year, and that led many fans to some seriously unforgettable O's. Gabrielle finished in 5th. 

Flirt4Free Valentine's Day live cams contest runner-ups. 6th place through 10th place models.
Most Hears Collected - Cher XOXO, Maye Daye, Bianca Bellucci, Chloe Rydr, Kitty Lowell

Beautiful blonde diva Cher XOXO finished in 6th place. The marvelous Miss Maye Daye claimed 7th. Master of the girlfriend experience, Bianca Bellucci finished in 8th place. Alt-goddess Chloe Rydr took 9th. And, rounding out the luscious back end of our champion Heart collectors: Kitty Lowell! 

Most Unique Hearts Winner- Stasy

Now on to those camgirls who spread their love all over the web for Valentine's Day. Topping off our most engaging models is, once again, the incomparable Stasy. This easy-going blonde knows how to show the goods and entice men from the farthest reaches of the world. She collected the most Candy Hearts from unique site users, playfully Flirting her way to the top. This mark's back-to-back Valentine's Day victories for Stasy. Want to know if she can keep it up all spring? Check her out during our upcoming Saint Patrick's Day Celebration, coming next week! 

Most Unique Hearts Winners - Olive Ray, Cher XOXO, Maye Daye, Mharia Angel J

Right behind Stasy is Olive Ray. This contest was a battle between all-time greats. Olive closed the gap on Stasy in the final days of the contest, finishing a mere 24 Hearts behind the leader. This fun-loving, free spirited, deeply funny Flirt has been making us feel amorous for years. You need only dip into her chatroom once to find out why. Cher XOXO, our 2nd place winner, and our American dream girl Maye Daye--3rd place--were both double-threats (aka Flirts who placed in both legs of the Candy Hearts contest).  They were followed by another beloved Flirt great, sexy Latina Mharia Angel J. This was a very close contest. It was really anyone's game coming down to midnight on Valentine's Day. And how could it be otherwise? With these incredible women baring all on live sex cam, no one loses.

Most Unique Hearts Winners - Sasha Elite, Angelica Swiss, Eva Sin, Bianca Lawson, Gigi Belle

Glamorous Sasha Elite claimed 6th place. Statuesque kinkster Angelica Swiss finished in 7th. Here she is again, our queen of everything, Eva Sin in 8th. Beautiful Bianca Lawson was our 9th place heartbreaker. And, last but certainly not least, our own resident naughty girl next door, Gigi Belle, claimed the final spot for Be My Valentine. 

Want more love from our top camgirls? Then try your luck in our next major holiday event: The Saint Patrick's Day Celebration. The event begins March 13th.